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Research Journey

Wanshu is currently undertaking a PhD programme at Birmingham City University. Her research topic is about exploring the potential of light as a sensory interactive design medium for contemporary jewellery.

Wanshu's practice-based research project is focused on exploring the possibilities of light as a sensory interactive medium between jewellery and the body. It aims to investigate how the sensory experience of wearing and viewing jewellery can be affected with the employment of light as an interactive medium between the wearer, jewellery and viewer, to explore the performing potentials within jewellery by engaging light and body movement, and to push the boundary of jewellery as an interdisciplinary subject.

This research will contribute to broadening the realm in the application of light as a design material for jewellery practices through combining light reactive materials; it will establish new forms of aesthetic expression through engaging light as sensory interactive medium within the jewellery field; it will develop the potential of light-reactive materials which can be used for jewellery making and designing and it may potentially benefit other creative arts and design fields; it will bring new possibilities and understandings of light as a design material for jewellers and designers who are looking for intersections of jewellery practices and other art disciplines.

Wanshu's PhD supervisors are:

  • Dr Sian Hindle (First supervisor)

  • Prof. Aleksandar Dundjerovic (Second supervisor)

  • Prof. Stephen Bottomley (External supervisor)

For more information, please find Wanshu's research profile at 

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